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100,000 jobs / 2,500 awesome companies

Get designated as a Q+ Workplace and attract the Q+ talent of today and leaders of tomorrow.

Over 50% of Q+ employees remain closeted in the workplace, hiding a piece of their ingenuity along with their Q+ identity. Let’s work together to change that!

Q+ Workplace

Showing your support for Q+ talent and working to create a welcoming workplace for all is simple.

In the next five years, at least one in five employees will identify as Q+ i.e. consider their sexual orientation as “non-straight” and/or gender identity as non-binary. They, along with their allies, are the talent and the consumers of tomorrow.

Size does not matter!

We are partnering with organizations of all sizes and across various industries, especially those where LGBTQ+ representation is low. Be one of the first organizations to help create Q+ Equality.

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