Empowering Joy, Inspiring Work

We passionately inspire organizations to showcase their dedication to inclusivity, sparking transformative change that morph workplaces into diverse, welcoming, and equitable environments. These vibrant workplaces create thrilling opportunities for all people to flourish, celebrating their unique identities with joy and acceptance.


Launched on National Coming Out Day, Q+ Equality Foundation’s I AM Q+ campaign is a movement to raise awareness and create a meaningful impact by empowering others to be their true selves in the workplace, any day of the year.


Enhance your Employer Branding

Our growing network of welcoming workplaces, showcasing their commitment by listing opportunities on our job board, is a testament to our efforts. These organizations, diverse in size and industry, are leading the way in embracing Q+ talent, demonstrating that inclusivity is not just a moral imperative, but a business advantage.


Supporting Colleges and Universities

We forge meaningful connections between students and authentically inclusive companies, providing a platform for them to launch careers where they feel safe, comfortable, and valued every day. In collaboration with over 100 colleges and universities, we empower these students to shape a better future for themselves, fostering an environment of acceptance and inclusivity in the workplace.

Join us in shaping a world where Q+ equality thrives – your support makes a difference!


Elevating Equality. Empowering Talent

We’re dedicated to fostering work environments where the a culture of joy and inclusivity are the norm, particularly for Q+ individuals. By helping organizations showcase their commitment to inclusivity, we provide opportunities for all people to work in environments that celebrate their unique identities. In doing so, we’re not just driving change, but also cultivating workplaces where everyone can truly thrive, irrespective of their identity or background.