We instill confidence in queer youth... so they don't earn less.

Over the next decade, at least 12 million LGBTQ+ youth in the U.S. will earn degrees and enter the workforce. As things stand, the deck is stacked against them. Given the mental, social and logistical challenges Q+ youth face, the majority will not achieve their true potential. Together, we can solve this.


LGBTQ+ graduates earn 22% less than their hetrosexual counterparts a decade after graduation. We’re on a mission to change that!

Hardships faced by LGBTQ+ people:


change their behavior at work to deflect attention from their stigmatized traits.


have experienced discrimination when applying for jobs.


of trans people are unemployed or underemployed.​

Queer youth will often take a lower paying position where they can “hide” to avoid having to address their true selves at work. This results in them earning 11% less right out of college. Each year, this gap grows and by year ten, they earn only 78 cents for every dollar their straight counterparts earn.

By connecting recent graduates with authentically inclusive workplaces, we help close the pay gap very early on… and set them on a path to a better, brighter and equitable future.


Growing network of Q+ Workplaces

Every day our team strives to find employers that have made DEI a core value for their organization and are willing to hire new LGTBQ+ graduates. Each day, opportunities for the coming generations of queer youth grow as more companies become Q+ Workplaces.


Providing support to students and Universities

Connecting students with work opportunities at authentically inclusive companies, thereby laying the foundation for them to feel safe and comfortable at work every day. We partner with colleges & universities that have programs focused on LGBTQ+ student success.

Let’s break down the mental, social, and logistical barriers for queer youth and create Q+ Equality.


Creating Equal Opportunities

The work Q+ Equality Foundation does each day stops queer youth from taking less fulfilling jobs simply because they would like to “just fit in” or “hide” there. Instead, working with business leaders and progressive organizations, our objective is to promote equitable opportunities and create fulfilling careers for queer youth in authentically inclusive workplaces, known as “Q+ Workplaces”.